Monday, February 6, 2017


Well, here we are, I just celebrated a milestone birthday and my dear friend Nancy Moser has pushed me into writing a blog.  She is convinced I have something to say and it will always be 'Bits and Pieces' because that is how I live.  Nancy and I have worked together for many years even though we are eight years different in age and 1500 miles apart in geography.  Female friendships are strange like that.  We have that 'ah ha' moment of "I think I like you" and then off we go to form a lasting bond.  I've watched Nancy grow as a fiction writer, getting kids through college, and blossom into a grandmother of seven.

She has encouraged me as I have faced writing deadlines, a son getting married and grandchildren being born and growing up.  Friendships forged in the process of living are precious and to be treasured.  Life is in the details.  We somehow find the courage and strength to grapple with the big things in life but its the 'bits and pieces' where we need our girlfriends to hang in there with us.

Nancy and I believe and have taught women that friendships forged in faith are the ones that nurture our souls and make us better.

I am going to share my heart with you in this blog and I'll say it up front...I'll be talking to women who have scaled the heights and gone 'over the hill.'  This stage of life is liberating...I'm not afraid to speak my mind and admit what I don't know.  This is a savy circle of sisters - come along with us and let's talk.